Nicole Cameron is Australia’s first Academy S qualified CraftMaster trainer.  She brings you all the lastest techniques and up to date training from the Grand Master Sviatoslav Otchenash, right here in Australia.

Academy S cosmetic tattoo training here in Australia

Together with Academy S I have designed a training academy which will run Australia wide, meaning you don’t have to incur the time and expense of overseas travel to learn world leading techniques. All support, communication, events, training dates, latest training techniques will be available right here at home.

Have you always wanted to join the magnificent Academy S team? Now is your chance. We offer online courses, 6 day basic technique courses and separate master classes to cater for all skill levels.

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I think it’s important  that I don’t mix my classes, basic is basic and advanced is advanced. The techniques I teach are world leading and it is ALWAYS  best to start with the basic, before taking on the advanced classes, this allows you to get the most value and knowledge from each course.

I understand the importance of advancing in your career and cannot explain the professional edge I have gained from proper training. Over the last 5 years I have travelled overseas to learn the best techniques and gained the best ongoing support from my trainers. It has meant I have not only built my skills but also a rewarding career.

My classes will be intimate, with 3- 6 participants. This will ensure that all sessions are hands-on and straight to the point. Of course, we  will have lots fun in learning these techniques. In my experience dedication and concentration is achievable when you really enjoy something, and I know you’re going to love these techniques and course.